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    Introduction toHarbin Cambridge University 

    Harbin Cambridge University is a higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education of China to enroll undergraduates according to unified national plan (the ministry of education code: 13303). Founded in 1995theuniversity was sponsored by Oriental Cambridge Education GroupThrough20 yearsof development,it has progressedto a full-time university with 10,000 students.

    The campus covers 52 hectares with building area of 300,000 square metersHarbin Cambridge University hasa library of 1.002 million books and teaching and scientific research equipmentwhich isworthnearly 60 million Yuan.The university consists of eight colleges including College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and so forth, three teaching departments as well as one specific research institute for pre-school education. The university offers 23 undergraduate majors, among which pre-school education is the provincial key major and it is the key discipline in Heilongjiangprovince. Currently, the universityemploys 547 full-time teachers, among which over 214 people have titles of associate professor and professor and 306 people possessmaster or doctoraldegree.

    In January 2011, officially approved by Hanban of China, Harbin Cambridge University established“Confucius Classes” in America. In March 2011,the university signed a formal agreement with Peking University to establish a joint base for students’ internship.  

    ProfessorWangYulanservesastheprincipaland the secretaryof Party committeeof theuniversity.Several senior experts with abundant experience in university management work as leaders at all levels, and a group of senior professors act as academic leaders in the university.

    Advantageous Position and Convenient Transportation

    Located in Xiangfang District, the centre of Harbin, Harbin Cambridge Universityis adjacent to more than ten institutions of higher learning such as Harbin Medical University, Heilongjiang University and Harbin University of Science and Technology. There are various shopping malls such as Carrefour, Garment Center, Songlei Commercial Building and other main shopping centers not far fromtheuniversity. In addition, transportation here is convenient with subway station of Line 1 and many routes ofpublic transport, Harbin West Railway Station (high-speed trainsgo directly to Beijing) and HarbinBusStation (Provincial Bus Station).

    Harbin,the capital of Heilongjiang province, with more than 11 million peopleis an importantpolitical, economic, cultural and transportation center ofnortheast China. It is also a mega city with thelargest area in China's provincially administered municipalities and the secondlargest population. It is a famous historical andculturalcity fortourism in China, known as "Oriental Parisor "Oriental Moscow".

    Internationalizationof a University Determines the Horizonof its Students

    To create high-paying job opportunities and chances for learning abroad, Harbin Cambridge University has established international cooperation with nearly twenty prestigious universities in America, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other countriesThe international education projects include the American Full-Scholarship Program, Japanese Scholarship Program, China-South Korea Undergraduate Dual Degree Program, China-South Korea and China-Thailand Programs offering one bachelor degree and one master degree.Every year, 85 excellent students in the university are given the chance to study abroad as exchange students without paying tuition fees and the opportunity to get a high-paying internship or ajob overseas.

    When entering Harbin Cambridge Universitythe students who have joinedthe programs for studying abroad can take part in international classes offered by the university. Besides attending all professional courses in the university, those students also enjoy the benefits of enhanced training of foreign languagesfree of chargeand have the priority in seizing opportunityto gain overseas scholarship, tomake an overseas investigation and short-term learning abroad and to get an internship overseas.

    Honor and Care from Leaders is the Inexhaustible Driving Force of University’s Development

    Harbin Cambridge University has been the recipient of awards such as “Excellent University of Higher Education”OutstandingUniversity of Heilongjiang Province”“Excellent University inGraduatesEmployment”and “Award of Higher Education Quality Management of Heilongjiang Province in the year 2012.

    National leaders have paid close attention to the development of Oriental Cambridge Education Group and Harbin Cambridge University and have inspected theschool for many times, fully affirmingand praising our achievements, which greatly inspires all staffs.  

    Harbin Cambridge University aims to cultivateapplied talents with national spirits and internationalhorizonThe schoolsmotto is “To have ambitious minds with a thorough knowledge of both western andChinese learning.” The university, by virtue of its unique geographical advantages, firstclass education conditions, reliable quality of education and well-recognized services, has created a vigorous learning environment, in which students from all over the country can achieve all-round development.

    School Motto

    (To have ambitious minds with a thorough knowledge of both western and Chinese learning)

    School Mission

    To build a prestigious universityofthecentury and to foster competent talents of the generation.